Extensive measurement technology

Individual EMC for radio applications.

High level of comfort without cables: As a result of rapid developments in the IT sector and the growing trend of implementing interfaces via radio connections, the ever more extensive tasks of radio applications represent a great challenge for reliable EMC tests.

Using extensive measuring technologies, we not only take into account different radio services such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or LCE with relevant specific requirements but also test radio applications over a large frequency bandwidth.

Last but not least, we see the continuous advanced training of our experts in radio EMC as a key task, in order to follow trends and always think ahead.

Extracts of important standards:

  • ETSI EN 301489-1
  • ETSI EN 300220-2
  • ETSI EN 300330-2
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Measuring stations / equipment in use:

  • Anechoic chamber with reflecting floor - SemiAnechoicChamber
  • Anechoic chamber with ceiling, floor and walls fully lined with absorber material - FullAnechoicRoom
  • Alternative free-field measuring stations for 3 m and 10 m measuring distance - OATS
  • Shielded rooms
  • Measurement of performance-linked and radiated interference variables [DC - 40 GHz]
  • Radio measuring station
  • Climate chamber
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