Efficient measurement technology

Economic EMC for household appliances and lighting equipment.

Are you looking for an accredited testing laboratory that has industry knowledge and finds the optimal economic EMC solution for your product range using extensive equipment?

Then we are the right partner for you. We have a wide range of testing options. Whether in chambers or in the free field, with water, compressed air or exhaust gases - our specialists have the know-how and the experience when it comes to configuring and quickly making individually adjustable test equipment ready for use.

In order to provide you with cost-effective and reliable results for your specific needs, we ensure an effective test process in which as many as possible functions of your test specimens are checked in one run. Always within the permitted quality framework - standard compliant or based on basic standards.

Extracts of important standards:

  • EN 55014-1
  • EN 55014-2
  • EN 55015
  • EN 61547
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  • Bild aus Bildergalerie

Measuring stations / equipment in use:

  • Anechoic chamber with reflecting floor - SemiAnechoicChamber
  • Anechoic chamber with ceiling, floor and walls fully lined with absorber material - FullAnechoicRoom
  • Alternative free-field measuring stations for 3 m and 10 m measuring space - OATS
  • Shielded rooms
  • Variable voltage supply 3x 500 0W / 1x 10000 W
  • Calliper slide [30 - 1000 MHz]
  • Measuring receiver [9 kHz - 1000 MHz]
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