Flexible measurement technology

Realistic EMC for industry and rail.

In order to meet the requirements in the field of industry and rail EMC, we use special highly flexible measuring technology with a wide range of application options.

This includes sophisticated equipment that enables high interference levels, measures minimal interference levels and is designed for extreme immunity tests, and is thus robust but yet sufficiently sensitive to allow for realistic test conditions.

Measuring stations / equipment in use:

  • Anechoic chamber with reflecting floor – SemiAnechoicChamber
  • Anechoic chamber with ceiling, floor and walls fully lined with absorber material – FullAnechoicRoom
  • Shielded rooms
  • Measurement of performance-linked and radiated interference variables [DC – 40 GHz]
  • High frequency amplifiers with up to 1.5 kW transmission power for high field strength and testing severity levels
  • Noise generators for immunity tests up to 7,000 V

Your direct contact:

Contact: info@emce-gmbh.de