Welcome to EMCE!

Are you searching for an accredited testing laboratory which performs accurate assessments of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and offers support for CE certifications? A laboratory that has many years of experience and insider knowledge in the field of product development? A laboratory that is equipped with state of the art technology and has its eyes on future requirements?

Then we are the right place for you. We offer target-oriented all-round support from one source with our reliable, customer-oriented service as early as in the development phase of your products. For optimum EMC test results that are recognised nationally and internationally.

EMCE at a glance:

  • Diverse, validated EMC processes for serial products and new developments
  • Application of EU, US and international standards
  • Our internal quality assurance system guarantees reproducible test results
  • State of the art measurement technology and know-how
  • Preparatory and follow-up activities for testing such as circuit and layout reviews
  • Development support for EMC upgrading
  • Tests of standards according 2014/30-EG- or 2014/53-EU-guidelines, resp. FCC regulations 47CFR part 15 and part 18



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