Innovative measurement technology

Flexible EMC for the dynamic IT product market.

The constant, rapid change in the IT sector, intelligent systems and the requirement of realising data processing in real-time (Industrial Revolution 4.0), requires us to be dynamic and to have a long-term vision in the development of complex and costly EMC tests: A challenge, that we gladly accept.

Because we invest in tomorrow’s technical future today; therefore remaining at the cutting edge of development with state of the art measuring and laboratory technology as well as equipment for all kinds or applications.

We are an accredited testing laboratory both on a national and international level.

Measuring stations / equipment in use:

  • Anechoic chamber with reflecting floor – SemiAnechoicChamber
  • Anechoic chamber with ceiling, floor and walls fully lined with absorber material – FullAnechoicRoom
  • Alternative free-field measuring stations for 3 m and 10 m measuring space – OATS
  • Shielded rooms
  • Measurement of performance-linked and radiated interference variables [DC – 40 GHz]
  • Noise generators for immunity tests up to 7,000 V

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