More than just EMC

As an accredited testing laboratory we perform the following standardised EMC procedures for you:

  • Harmonised standards (EU official journal)
  • International standards
  • Special in-house procedures customised to manufacturer requirements, based on generally recognised methods

Due to the fact that we used to be active in the field of circuit and hardware development ourselves, we have extensive specialist expertise and know-how which can provide you with a significant competitive advantage in the conceptual phase of new developments as well as tests in the developmental phase.

As developers and EMC experts, we see at one glance from an “insider perspective” what must be considered with regard to future test procedures.

This allows you to counteract potential weak points already at an early stage and to optimally align your product to the required EMC standards in the preliminary stage. A clever and safe way to save effort and costs.

Official recognition by:

  • DAkkS (German National Accreditation Body)
  • Bundesnetzagentur (German Federal Network Agency)
  • Mutual international recognition procedures: MRA, ILAC-MRA...


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